What This Site Is and Is Not

Strategy includes knowing what to do and what not to do. That is why I’m starting this site with a post about both.

It is…

  • about exploring a topic with vigor.
  • for those who want to understand digital trends, beyond just a headline.
  • a responsible analysis of what works, what isn’t, and what is still unknown.

It is not…

  • about covering the latest news in the marketing industry.
  • trite articles regurgitating something you read on 5 other blogs.
  • for hawking a book or consulting services.
  • written for the lowest common denominator.

In the past, I have avoided adding another blog to the Internet about digital marketing.  Doing this had to mean a different approach, one that wasn’t just a cursory couple observations about the latest trend, platform change, or campaign.  What I see very little of is deep analysis on topics and that is why I decided to make this a quarterly endeavor. Knowing I’m strapped for time, like most people actively working with clients, I wanted something I could commit to.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that crystalized why I’m doing this.  It read, “teaching is learning twice.”  (Note, I already had the blog setup before I saw the bumper sticker.)

This is an opportunity for me to educate, but also to learn as I go along and to learn from those of you who decide to leave comments or share your thoughts over email or a good meal.

I am currently researching the first article for Q1 2015 on Social Messaging Apps. Please take a moment and subscribe to receive emails about future posts.

Here’s to learning more in 2015!